Software Development for Automotive Supplier

Software Development for Automotive Supplier
Software Development for Automotive Supplier

The Company
Our Client is an international automotive supplier, providing special units and control systems for commercial vehicles and supplies all the world’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers. Besides that, the company provides driver assistance solutions.

The Challenge
The engineer’s planned and actual man-hours were registered in several systems and excel sheets (usually one per department), which was close to impossible to oversee after a while. Often an engineer worked for several departments, on different projects, and tracking down the availability and performance of the engineers was difficult. It was inefficient, hard to plan with. Our Client needed one system to handle all the data, needed the flexibility to customize the system to either German or Hungarian law (regarding for example the overtime, business travel). Due to the confidential nature of the topic, it was important to precisely design authentication levels and access policy. As the employees’ participation and input were crucial the system had to remind the employees of the incomplete report before the due date, or of faulty input.

The Solution
Our team designed the software side-by-side with the customer. Regular check-ups of already developed functions have been done with the customer to make sure that the final version of the software will be the one they have been missing before.
Mortoff has been using Microsoft technologies: ASP.NET internet application which uses the company’s Active Directory; Microsoft Reporting Services was integrated into the application (which made it easy to export reports to different file formats); Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2; and responsive user interface with AJAX, jQuery, and ASMX web services.

Where We Are Now
The solution provided by Mortoff was successfully implemented and is in use for the satisfaction of the Client. Change Requests for new reports or features are continuous, therefore the software is expanding ever since.

Main Benefits
The most important benefit of the software was the clear vision it has brought to the company:

  • made planning easier and faster: the available resources became visible and the workload predictable
  • well-structured statistics made concluding much simpler and more reliable
  • creating reports with just a few clicks for the management
  • with transparent resource-availability information, it became possible to truly optimize the workload not only within the team but also on a cross-department level
  • smooth and efficient information flow towards the Board
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