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Our highly qualified professionals have a broad knowledge of test equipment, they check the outcome of the development process, adapt the testing methods to the project in an agile way, and deliver a complete solution that is suitable for use immediately. Reliable, stable results, perfectly working verified systems - this is what’s offered by Mortoff.  

Quality-driven testing

It is a simple fact that the immaculate operation of software and the associated quality assurance are essential for the stable and smooth operation of the systems that are built on it. In order to exclude errors, you may want to start comprehensive testing projects, for which a company may not necessarily have the resources. Our company offers support not only in software development, but in the management of the test projects as well. Taking into account the market trends, using new and innovative methods, with our experienced professionals and, last but absolutely not least, by mapping the expectations and needs of our clients and customers, we are able to provide a perfect solution optimized for the situation.

Our testing methodology is unquestionably quality-driven. We recommended it for projects where precise and comprehensive effectiveness and efficiency is indispensably important.

Highly qualified professionals, unique solutions

The testing service offered by Mortoff uses a highly managed Test Pool to guarantee satisfactory outcome for everyone. Our company works with excellently trained teams that can respond quickly and efficiently to our customers' testing needs. Together with our specialists, who are supervised by test managers, our goal is to create an internationally recognized professional workshop that provides unique solutions and flexibility to serve the area in question and meet the increased resource needs.

With these teams, Mortoff offers solutions suitable for use immediately, flexible resource allocation, measurable results, and traceable processes for all our customers in the form of the following services:

  • full-scale testing in system implementation projects,
  • automated testing,
  • tester competence outsourcing,
  • performance tests,
  • test audit.


The processes included in the test service are divided into two larger segments (in the order they are carried out) in order to make it easier to understand. These are as follows:

  • Manual testing

During manual testing, our experienced colleagues perform the tests manually (as indicated by the name). This method excludes all automation solutions and devices. To put it simply, the tests are carried out 'manually' and the results are examined manually, as well.

  • Test automation

The complete automation of the testing process must be preceded by the manual method. This process is carried out by software. One of the great advantages is that you can save costs, time and human resources by using the method. Our specialists will, of course, assist you in establishing the necessary conditions, and will also monitor and implement it.

These two processes are covered by a third background process called test management.   Test management monitors the steps from test design through implementation to report writing, and provides information about them, as well as about the results for the customer. During testing, the professionals at Mortoff seek to closely cooperate with the company's employees and assist them in their testing work.

When you need testing, should you contact Mortoff?

Definitely. Our testing methodology is adapted to the project, and the company is a reliable and stable partner. Our solutions have also proved to be independent from technology in enterprise environment. Our professionals are the best in the Central European pool of experts; they have first-hand experience with the tools and solutions that can assist you in making your company even more stable and efficient.

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