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Our company works with 'customer ready' resources and knowledge base to ensure that the selected development project is meeting high standards, precisely, successfully, and within the deadline. With up-to-date technological skills, constantly trained professionals, a wide range of experience capital, among other things, we provide market quality in the field of development and production - and such provided market quality is more than sufficient for the market.

'Manufacturing Solutions' at Mortoff

It is not imperceptible for market operators that the manufacturing industry in Central Europe is a rapidly developing and expanding area. Along with demand, supply is also increasing, which generates competition exponentially between both service providers and recipients.  Due to their decades of experience, the executives of Mortoff quickly realized that their service company can only remain in the market as an option or even as a factor, if the highest possible quality is offered to the customers with absolute precision. Unique methodology, innovative developer methodology and absolute professionalism – this is what makes our company stand out of other companies, and this is what all our customers/ partners are provided in full in order to achieve high-quality results.

During a high number of successful projects, our professionals gained invaluable experience in research and development. We participated in the innovation projects of market-leading products. In addition, a wide range of knowledge is available to assist us in discovering new development opportunities. Mortoff not only meets the needs, but also offers solutions that go beyond the original needs of our customers. Whether it is software development or hardware production, our experts always respond to your needs with the latest, most optimal technology. You are in the best possible place if your company needs:

  • development of application software used in high quality assurance/hazard environment (3D/4D image processing, analysis, data processing, workflow support),
  • development and testing of embedded software (C/C++/Embedded, real-time),
  • electronic design and validation (IC/PCB, Microcontroller/FPGA, communication),
  • mechanical design and validation (CAD-CAM),
  • engineering support for manufacturing.

Unique application development for enterprises

Our company provides the most modern design patterns and technologies for our enterprise customers. To achieve the highest level of efficiency, we are working with our customers to examine the needs that arise, since the number one consideration is to provide exactly what that specific enterprise really needs. Our specialists are agile, flexible and accurate. They respond appropriately and quickly to any changing needs within a project by maintaining the deadline tight or with minimal extension.

Our company offers, among other things, such cross platform tools and adaptive/ responsive web design patterns, which can be used for fine-tuning and redesigning that specific company's business activity. We adapt to the telecommunications technologies; develop interfaces and applications that are compatible with different portable devices and the operating systems running on them. The following elements form an integral part of our services:

  • creation of mobile strategy for enterprises,
  • development of native and cross platform mobile applications,
  • development of Intranet and Internet portal solutions,
  • development of digital banking solutions,
  • API-based application development,
  • responsive web design approach,
  • unique User Experience (UX) and UI design.

The performance and resource critical software solutions and applications developed by Mortoff may serve as excellent pillars for the background systems that are the backbones of industrial, manufacturing, but even e-commerce and financial areas. In addition, our company is familiar with the development of rail and road embedded systems, manufacturing support, predictive maintenance,  automation, sensorics, positioning and tracking in an industrial environment, and uses its end-to-end knowledge base for all of the above items.

Using agile processes in development

Agile (scrum) methodology is one of the pillars of developments performed at Mortoff. All of the methodological benefits are used: close (with small number of participants) and personal cooperation with the customer; design and work in short cycles; further optimization based on usage experience after the first working version of the specific development. Focusing on the creation of functionally operating applications throughout the project makes the resulting programs more solution-focused, and they are completed faster and more cost-effectively than the versions developed using traditional methods.

You've found the right partner!

The cross-platform, highly flexible attitude of Mortoff makes project implementation by our company particularly effective. The use of over ten years of industry-specific experience capital, high SIL (Safety Integrity Levels) quality, and cross-industry knowledge base has been proved on several occasions in enterprise environment.  Our references, successful international projects, and 'out of the box' way of thinking ensure truly unique solutions that go beyond the needs.

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