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The operation of each company is challenging; unnecessary and overcomplicated processes impair efficiency. These will tie up human and business resources, which could be used for achieving business goals through proper optimization and process management. Mortoff can be a very effective consulting partner and solution integrator in these processes.    

Optimized enterprise operation

A group of systems that operate a large enterprise often turns out to be difficult to manage and too complex. The company functions just fine, the managers have excellent control; still the processes are noticeably less effective than they should be. As if a major part of energy was lost due to non-optimized processes. It is absolutely no surprise, since the management and operation of a company is a task that needs extreme division of attention, and preoccupies the managers' attention in the economic, human resources and information technology front as well. Tracking and maintaining the structures that are difficult to understand requires not only energy, but time and money as well; however, any internally initiated larger fine-tuning or transformation could block the business continuity of the enterprise. 

Our company is engaged in the further development of company operations, which could not only save you money in the long run, but improve performance and employee satisfaction as well. Actually, several international studies show that a well-adjusted process management can result in 30% of cost savings or 18% increase in capacity and 12% labour reduction. Our consultancy services and solutions can make your company workflow perfect. We will implement solutions that are beyond your demand, and will ensure for you to completely take advantage of your company's resources.

Enterprise operation using BPM and CRM

Our company works with a number of highly qualified colleagues with practical experience to make our customers’ operation as efficient as possible. Our solutions guarantee effective, sustainable processes in a number of areas. In addition to the consultation service, we also provide system introductions upon request. Whether you need business process management or process management systems (BPM), or customer relationship management (CRM), Mortoff can optimize your company’s operation with the best available technologies and methodologies. What we exactly offer:

  • Business Process Management

With assistance from the experts at Mortoff, who have impressive professional background and practical experience, we provide you with a wide range of solutions in the field of BPM. Our services cover Workflow and document management, electronic (biometric and digital) signatures, and last but not least, Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Our experts have thorough knowledge of applications and systems such as Care All Andoc or Nintex.  Within our Business Process Management service, we offer:

  • introduction and consolidation of the Workflow and the Business Process Management systems,
  • application of the Lean Six Sigma process,
  • introduction of paperless operation, installation of E-Sign solutions
  • organizing an IT roadmap program
  • business continuity, use of (BCP, DRP, BCM) solutions,
  • Project and Project Portfolio Management,
  • Change Management.

If you choose our services, our BPM solutions provide your company managers with real business advantage, both long and short term, which will not only benefit the company, but will make their customers highly satisfied, as well. Speaking of customer base:

  • Customer Relationship Management

Our company offers excellent solutions for customer relationship management, that is, CRM. Our wide range of experience enables us to provide first-class, modern, trendy, boxed solutions for our partners, and most importantly, we do not let our customers go, but are constantly present from design to quality assurance. Our expertise covers such key strategic areas as cloud-based technologies, and we are also familiar with using the applications Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce.

After more than 150 successful projects and satisfied customers, Mortoff is the perfect choice for your company to improve. Our experts not only fulfil the requests, complete the orders, but also offer solutions that provide more than expected.

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