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Modern technologies: applications, tools, and practices that provide increasingly accurate predictions that help you make even more precise, accurate business decisions. This is called Business Intelligence (BI), which allows us not only to optimize business processes but to improve operational performance as well.

Business Intelligence as a Service

Fast, and yet almost perfectly efficient decisions can only be made by such companies and enterprises, which can turn data into targeted information that can be used in the business. To achieve this, in many cases, there is a need for a strategy change and/or a change of approach and for a purposeful BI solution capable of redeveloping or even 'reworking' corporate infrastructures. Naturally, managing a company and preserving its unity in terms of the organization, personnel, and economy does not necessarily provide space for such a high volume of development added to an already functioning and stable system. Therefore, it is worth considering the introduction of BI solutions as a service, which is provided by our company to companies and their managers that want to maximize their internal performance. Our service of providing Business Intelligence has already implemented a number of successful projects.  Maximum efficiency is guaranteed to our customers by several years of experience capital, gained specifically in SAP BusinessObjects, Microsoft, and Tableau BI solutions, and by our precisely designed 'customer-ready service system.

We support our customers on several fronts

In order to successfully complete a project, resources or developments are provided for the companies in accordance with their needs. Thanks to our excellent, competent, and last but not least, experienced colleagues, as well as to our BI service, we are able to support our customers in several areas. These areas are Data Visualization and Data Warehouse development.

Data visualization

Our company has a huge knowledge base that assists us in providing our customers with a perfectly understandable, clear picture of the internal state of the company, which is ready for use, especially in business decisions. The available data are properly systemized with BI devices and the information received is delivered to our customers in different formats. Data visualization will be forwarded to our customers in the form of PivotTables, general reports, ad-hoc and self-service analyses, so all they have to do is use them.

Data warehouse development

Our company has perfected this segment of its BI services with decades of experience. The in-depth knowledge of the various data warehouse tools and platforms we use enables us to generate small and large databases for the customer with unique reporting and analysis functions. No matter whether we are talking about data markets or data warehouses built on complex, compact source systems, we always offer you the most effective and most usable solution.

Most of our data warehouses are based on Microsoft SQL or Oracle, and it is important to note that ETL tools, SQL Server Services, and SAP Data Service are no obstacles for us, either. In addition to those listed, our wide experience also extends to data warehouse frameworks. Our colleagues are perfectly familiar with T-SQL and PL/SQL languages, and can also easily manage the full development of general or specific data warehouse environments, which includes survey, modeling, implementation, and (end-to-end) support as well. Moreover, we are not only familiar with the classic data warehouse design but with the Data Vault methodology as well, and therefore, it can be stated that our service extensively covers all major BI areas.

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