Industry Solutions

Increasing efficiency in the corporate segment

We have considerable experience in helping companies face the ever-changing challenges in the field of the Enterprise market.

Innovation, rapid adaptation and optimized operation are the key to efficiency

Service provider companies need complex solutions because of the demands generated by the highly accelerated markets and the need for efficient operation.

The well-trained consultant, developer and testing experts of our company will do their best to uncover the weaknesses or the less well-functioning points of operation at the company, and then - after consultation with the customer - propose a solution. Our competencies - resulting from several years of experience - and expertise enable us to respond very efficiently to any oncoming task, such as:

  • acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones,
  • making the solutions for resource and process deficiencies within the company more efficient,
  • establishing new business areas and services, expanding the existing ones.

Our company not only provides advice, but if requested, develops customized, specific applications, opens up new business areas or helps with creating technological designs. Please check out our scope of services and references as well. 

We have secure knowledge in the field of telecommunications challenges

The telecommunications and media sectors are very rapidly developing and changing areas that require optimized operation from the companies active in the market. The multi-player competition, which has developed in the two segments, is so saturated that efficient operation is almost essential for the service providers, since customers will choose a name or brand that has been proved to be the most stable in all respects. Therefore, competitiveness essentially depends on the smooth and effective operation of the company’s internal and external processes.

Mortoff has worked with companies such as Centrál Médiacsoport, Magyar Telekom or Telenor.

Extensive experience in the energy sector

The energy sector was previously regarded as a traditional industry, but it has undergone major changes in recent years. Data-driven technological progress, continuous innovation, striving for carbon neutrality, and the spread of customized energy production models have transformed the operation of the sector. The changing industrial environment caused even companies with well-optimized processes to face significant challenges, and as a result, certain factors - such as increasing customer satisfaction, efficient access to data, and advanced support for sales processes - have become particularly important for the service providers.

Our company's consultant, developer, and tester experts with experience in the energy industry can help examining the internal processes of the company, as well as developing an IT system that provides effective support, and facilitates:

  • increasing customer satisfaction, retaining existing customers and acquiring new customers,
  • more effective optimization of the company's internal processes and resources,
  • increasing the efficiency of decision-making by relevant and easily accessible information.

Our company has assisted major market operators such as MOL, E2  or ELMŰ.

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