Dealership Improvement Program for a Car Manufacturer

Dealership Improvement Program for a Car Manufacturer
Dealership Improvement Program for a Car Manufacturer

The Company
The Client is one of Europe’s largest car manufacturers. The company has about a dozen plants and several development and test centers around Europe. Our Partner, JMAC is one of the leading process innovation consulting firms in the world, as well as the oldest, largest, and most respected consulting firm in Japan.

The Challenge
The recession in 2008 had its impact on the automotive industry as well, the sales of new cars decreased dramatically. As a result, car dealer networks had to rely more on the income of the After Sales Service Department.
After the Sales Operation of the dealerships received little to no attention from this point of view before, so serious examination and reorganization of the processes were essential.

The Solution
The key idea behind the Dealership Improvement Program was that outstanding After Sales Service increases the customer’s dealership loyalty. Therefore Mortoff provided quality improvement of after-sales processes and enhancement of sales potential with the implementation of the efficiency improvement program (designed by JMAC) at the Client’s services.
The program focuses on three major areas within the service garage: increasing sales, customer retention and improving efficiency. The program builds on Lean methodology, 5S and Kaizen principals.
During the consultation projects, Mortoff aimed to strengthen these areas of the dealerships applying the philosophy of continuous improvement.

Where We Are Now
By now Mortoff has successfully implemented the program in several Hungarian dealerships, and surrounding countries. By uncluttering the overcrowded areas we significantly increased not just customer satisfaction (and thus their loyalty) but it also improved the employees’ well-being and elevated their motivation for work.

Main Benefits
After the implementation convincing achievements have been reached:

  • +10% client retention (rates of clients visiting the dealership garages grew)
  • +16% sales (with the improvement of requested services at the dealership)
  • +9% productivity
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