TBI data collection - Healthcare

TBI data collection - Healthcare
TBI data collection - Healthcare

Our client has launched a research and development project funded by a tender source, the aim of which is to test/develop a medical protocol proposing the treatment and examination of patients with head injuries.

At the request of the Customer, Mortoff has started to develop a web application that can perform the data collection described above through easily transparent, clean interfaces. During data entry, special attention is paid to the historical storage of data and the storage of the recommendations of the system of medical rules implemented in “drools”, as well as to the follow-up of its modifications.

The primary goal of the customer in implementing the “TBI Data Collection” project is to gather data and experience on the correctness of the implementation of the medical protocol for head injuries that is still in effect. The project aims to implement data collection with an easily transparent, clean interface and a module that makes suggestions by a set of rules describing the medical protocol.

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