Version Testing of CAD / CAM Software

Version Testing of CAD / CAM Software
Version Testing of CAD / CAM Software

Version testing of CAD / CAM software by a multinational machine tool company is performed by Mortoff SQM experts as part of an outsourced activity.
Client: Multinational Machine Tool Company
How to Collaborate: Perform testing activities from the Mortoff site under the professional guidance of the customer
Activity type:

  • Manual software testing
  • Installation tests
  • Technical tests
  • Functional tests
  • Test Automation
  • Improvement of functional test automation
  • Running functional regression tests

Customer objectives
The customer’s Quality area has limited resources. To test versions of the software, they needed a reliable, easily accessible (even available at the customer’s site) skilled tester resource.

The client has a serious development team. The team is also responsible for ensuring software quality in the case of new developments. However, scarce resources are available for installation and regression testing of versions.


Initial goals
At the beginning of the collaboration, we set the goal that Mortoff's testing experts from our site would be able to independently perform the testing tasks, specified by the Customer in the expected quality.

Mortoff's ISTQB testers test pre-release versions of customer-developed machine control software (CAD / CAM):

  • Perform installation tests
  • Performing installation tests in different environments and platforms
  • Functional tests
  • Perform functional tests of various modules
  • Test Automation
  • Improvement, maintenance, and running of the existing test automation framework.

Mortoff specialists planned and ran the test cases independently based on what has been discussed. The testing team provided different competencies to perform complex testing tasks:

  • Senior technical tester
  • Senior manual tester
  • Senior engineer tester
  • Senior and junior, developer background test Automator

The cooperation
There are currently 5 testing experts performing the testing tasks, but the team’s testing team has been steadily expanding during the collaboration. Each new tester undergoes a week-long on-site training, and from time to time, other members of the testing team participate in further training.

Experiences, results

Over the years, we have achieved the following results:

  • The test team at Mortoff's site operates in a way that is transparent to the customer
  • Seamless daily contact, professional cooperation
  • Mortoff's testing team performs complex professional tasks that are constantly expanding
  • Mortoff has become a strategic partner for the customer in testing
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