Why switch to Nearshore?

Why switch to Nearshore?
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Why switch to Nearshore?

Nearshore is a reliable and flexible way to perform many tasks with external specialists in the IT field, be it software development, testing, project management. Thanks to ever-faster internet connections, more and more people have the opportunity to work remotely while being able to easily participate in discussions via video conferencing. Of course, offshore knows this too, but time is typically slow for IT services, which are typically outsourced to emerging countries: the income gap is narrowing, and the different cultures, time zone, and long-distance cause significant financial difficulties.

But what is Nearshore?

Many companies have realized that there is no need to outsource the work of different departments to the other side of the world, in the long run, it is much more worthwhile to look for closer ones, such as neighboring countries. The number of nearshore partnerships in the European Union has grown exponentially in recent times. The EU's high-performing countries are surrounded by concentric circles of states with extremely well-trained professionals at affordable prices and easier control over outsourced activities. The major nearshore centers are Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Slovakia and, of course, Hungary.

But what exactly does the Nearshore offer?

  • low risk - probationary opportunity, well scalable, easy to control;
  • the time zone is the same - no time lag hinders working together;
  • communication is easy - we have a common language - English or German - misunderstandings can be avoided;
  • the work culture is the same - due to common European cultural roots, the values ​​of both reliability and work ethic are the same;
  • frees up resources - no need to hire new people, no burden on existing ones;
  • it is close - travel and logistics are not a significant burden in time or cost;
  • many professionals - you can choose from a greater immersion of talented professionals;
  • low costs - same quality at a lower price;
  • greater control over intellectual property - enforcement of EU standards is a major guarantee;
  • faster response to market changes.

Founded in 2002, Mortoff recognized the potential of the nearshore promptly, and now and many satisfied customers demonstrate the value of our years of experience and our highly trained professionals - software developers, testers, consultants, architectural designers, and effective support for project managers.

Mortoff's Nearshore services:

Software testing:

  • manual testing,
  • test case design,
  • test execution,
  • test automation,
  • autoregression tests,
  • functional automation,
  • service test,
  • performance testing,
  • test management.

Agile software development

  • cloud-based technologies, SAP HANA, GE Predix, Microsoft Azure, and Sharepoint online,
  • Web and desktop software, .NET, JAVA, J2EE, Javascript, and Front-end,
  • HMI and built-in software, C / C ++ and Matlab / Simulink.

Business intelligence

  • data visualization - storytelling, dashboarding, reporting, data retrieval, self-service BI tools: SAP BO, Tableau, Qlikview, and Microsoft Power BI,
  • data warehouse - creation, update, migration, support.

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