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What is Nearshore?

For many people, Nearshore is a concept not widely known yet, although its name refers to the service it offers. Nearshore is a classic win-win situation: it is a solution beneficial for everyone. It means involving freelance professionals in the operation of a company, typically in the IT field, but naturally, it is also possible to be introduced in other work processes as well. In terms of information technology, it primarily includes the outsourcing of software development, testing and business intelligence (BI) projects.

Hungary, as a Nearshore centre

Nearshore is a practical and thoughtful version of outsourcing. More and more companies are recognizing that outsourcing work to distant parts of the world is too complicated, and may not be profitable even for somewhat lower wages either. Different time zones, different work ethics and cultures often cause tension. Therefore, in the long run, it is more advantageous for a European company to look for a partner in the neighbourhood, but at least on the same continent. Nearshore in the European Union is becoming a typical form of work organization, since there are highly skilled professionals and precise, reliable companies specialized in this field in several countries. 

Mortoff: nearshore provided easily

The main services of Mortoff in the field of nearshore are software development, testing and implementing BI projects. However, these are simply umbrella terms - let’s see what exactly they mean:

  • Software testing
  • Manual testing
  • Test case design
  • Test execution
  • Test automation
  • Autoregression tests
  • Functional automation
  • Service testing
  • Performance testing
  • Test management
  • Agile software development
  • Cloud-based technologies, SAP HANA, GE Predix, Microsoft Azure and SharePoint Online
  • Web and desktop software, .NET, JAVA, J2EE, Javascript and Front-end
  • HMI and embedded software, C/C ++ and Matlab/Simulink
  • Business Intelligence

There is a partner we have been working together successfully and with mutual satisfaction since 2008:

  • Infrastructure: Mortoff works using its own office background where all assets are available for performing the job.
  • Video conference: if a meeting needs to be held, all relevant parties to the project can be heard and seen after a few clicks. If after all, a personal meeting becomes necessary, there is no need to worry: within Europe, there are practically no distances anymore.
  • Smooth communication: competency in one common working language - which is typically English - is now expected from each colleague.
  • Protection of intellectual property: due to the strict EU regulations, the product or service is more secure than in Asia or on other continents.
  • Risk-free: trial period, measurable results, accountable implementation, written conditions, milestones, evaluation.

Why choose Mortoff?

As early as at its start in 2002, our company placed great emphasis on the field of nearshore; and from the very beginning, we have focused on perfecting our service. Today, we serve the needs of our customers as a reliable and sought-after company. We provide effective background support with a number of quality references and experience gained during the past nearly two decades. Innovative, modern approach is a characteristic of our company, which makes us capable of solving even the most difficult tasks.

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