Safety-related Software Development for a Healthcare Client

Safety-related Software Development for a Healthcare Client
Safety-related Software Development for a Healthcare Client

Mortoff has been providing software development and testing services to enterprises since 2002. In 2010, a partnership was launched with one of the world's leading healthcare software companies, where the Hungarian subsidiary dealt with research and the development of clinical and radiological applications. External partners were also involved in the joint work, more than 20 of our experts took part in the projects.

The applications of the healthcare software company should be at the forefront again and ensure the quality that previously distinguished them from companies providing similar services.


  • Compliance with clinical, high-hazard software development standards in FDA-regulated environments (including waterfall and agile methods)
  • To cooperate with a high complexity international organization, to stand up for projects

Results and returns
A team of more than 20 people worked on a number of projects with the staff of the center and we achieved the set goal together. We have proven in the development of safety-related (hazardous) software (from analysis, design, and implementation to verification and validation). Besides professional knowledge, we have gained experience in an international, multinational project environment that we can successfully utilize in similar industry developments.
The result of successful cooperation is a long-term partnership that has been alive ever since, which gave us the opportunity to take part in the development of further health care systems.

  • High-quality software in safety-related, hazardous field
  • Back at the forefront, with plenty of sales worldwide
  • A successful development team that can be mobilized in other projects

Future plans
Our agile development experience in a modern, enterprise environment allows us to easily join new or ongoing developments. We want to be a higher level of outsourcing partner for our clients and other healthcare companies. In any FDA regulated area, we supply software that meets a very high level of quality assurance in both the healthcare and industrial areas.


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