Introducing Self Service Workflow Management in Finance Sector

Introducing Self Service Workflow Management in Finance Sector
Introducing Self Service Workflow Management in Finance Sector

Executive summary
Mortoff has created a unique value for our bank customer by

  • Successfully implementing the SharePoint environment to all areas;
  • Creating and configuring a SharePoint and Nintex environment;
  • Implementing work-flows and training key-users;
  • Creating custom development of components.

Implementing the new self-service workflow management service and creating new workflows from the old system, in a tight schedule for

  • Portals;
  • Workflows;
  • Structured file storage (library);
  • Data exchange front-end (data forms);
  • Quizzes;
  • Surveys.

The implementation covered all departments of the bank, nearly 3.000 users, with support to key-users.
Data migration

  • Full migration of the available data and work-flows of the replaced system.

Due to the ownership change of the bank, the following options were available:

  • Further use of complex business support systems provided by previous owner (high license cost and risky support);
  • Implementation of a new business support system.

The management of the bank was convinced to use SharePoint, as their new work-flow system. Mortoff proposed the Nintex component made it possible to highly involve coworkers in the workflow formation.

The goal of the project
Our solution:

  • Detached the bank from the previous owner's environment;
  • Implemented the system documents and workflows;
  • Created the site structure used in the old system with optimizations;
  • Knowledge transfer and training to the key users;
  • Data migration.

Results and returns
All the functionalities of the previous system had been replaced by the SharePoint/Nintex components and also by the custom-built applications and components with system-wide optimizations. Nearly 80 – banking process, covering business support – Nintex workflows were formated.

Future plans
Expand the SharePoint and Nintex environment in other areas of the bank, discussions have been started already.

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