MITRAS - Mortoff Indoor Tracking System

MITRAS - Mortoff Indoor Tracking System
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MITRAS - Mortoff Indoor Tracking System

Increasing operational efficiency is essential for businesses, especially industrial manufacturing companies. This is also reflected in the principles of lean management and lean manufacturing. Eliminating mura, muda, muri (three types of losses) is one of the basic tools we can use to better operate our processes. However, the very first step to eliminating surpluses, inequalities, losses is to recognize them. We need to know where unnecessary waiting arises during production, where there are unequal schedules in production; without it, we cannot eliminate them.

Mortoff has developed an indoor positioning system that can help you adhere to lean principles during production and eliminate losses by being able to detect uneven loading of individual vehicles (such as forklifts), unplanned logistics operations, or even unnecessary movement of workers, but it also helps to detect unwanted (prohibited) movements. We named this system the Mortoff Indoor Tracking System (MITRAS). 

The cornerstone of MITRAS is an indoor positioning sensor system. With the help of the sensor system, we can determine the movement of an element (for example, forklift, pallet, operator, etc.) with sufficient accuracy.
By storing and processing raw positioning data, the system provides multiple statements of movements. These can be two-dimensional, map-like statements (such as a heat map), but can also be calculated comparisons that compare the load, average speed, or other measured, calculated properties of each truck.

1. Heat Map


Based on the individual statistics and statements, MITRAS helps to identify where bottlenecks are found during movement, where unnecessary movements or uneven asset loads occur. These uneven loads can mean unexpected maintenance costs, and the detection of unexpected movements also provides an opportunity to reduce losses.

2. Unit Movement Statistics

With MITRAS, we can put a tool in the hands of decision-makers and production managers to optimize operations and increase efficiency based on the analysis of movements in factories and plant units.

You can read more about MITRAS here!

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