PCM | Project and Capacity Management System

PCM | Project and Capacity Management System

What is PCM?

PCM (Project and Capacity Management System) supports project-based operation by providing continuous monitoring so that the projects can be delivered below the planned cost level and by the deadline. Another benefit is that it can optimize resource capacity management by creating capability-based resource needs with the suitable resource allocation, while it can provide transparency and internal control by managing and analyzing the time spent on each project.

When is it worth considering the introduction of PCM?

If you want to track and measure the progress of your projects
If you want to simplify and optimize the dynamic allocation and utilization of your resources and assets
If you want to track and analyze resource time accounting at the project level

What can PCM do?

It provides a wide range of functionality to support:

  • Complete project portfolio management and analysis
  • Planning and monitoring projects divided into stages
  • Resource demand management based on resource capacity and dynamic resource allocation with daily granularity (workflow)
  • Organization of projects into hierarchies and programs
  • Objective measurement of the performance and progress of projects: real-time comparison of scope, time and cost by the method of Earned Value Management (EVM) based on the following project indicators:
    • Planned value (PV)
    • Earned value (EV)
    • Actual cost (AC)
  • Management and comparison of baselines
  • Sophisticated management of access rights
  • Complete and correct management of time spent (timesheet) in different ways:
    • with manual data entry, approval and rejection management (workflow)
    • with data import from the files.

In addition to the project indicators, management-level analyses and statements are supported by several other functions:

  • Looking at projects on a timeline
  • Showing the day-to-day resource load
  • Warning of low-performing projects (regarding time, cost and resource allocation).

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