Developers and testers of Mortoff group provide effective support for our company in critical situations. Because of their flexible attitude they are able to react almost instantly on the most specific industry demands as well.

Due to the precise and responsible work of the professionals working on different projects we have found a great partner that we can count on in the long run.

Alpár Attila Demény,

Head of Department, Diagnostic Tools and PC- Software / Knorr-Bremse Fékrendszerek Kft.

Mortoff group developed web applications for our company. 
They made an extremely good impression, since they handled the constantly changing business requirements flexibly, and acted proactively regarding the emerging problems, not letting them unfold. They provided a simple solution quickly for serious technical challenges as well, which says a lot about their professional experience. We recommend them honestly, they are a reliable partner.

Zoltán Péger,

IT Director / Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt.

A We have worked with Mortoff Group on different development projects for several years now. It is crucial for UNION Insurance to ensure its competitive advantage in innovation and flexible customer- and partner services. During our cooperation so far the experts of the Group understood our requirements precisely and adjusted to them.

Using their many years experience they often helped us from specifying the requirements. During our projects we developed effective cooperation and true partnership. We are certain of receiving the same high quality in our future projects, thus we are eagerly looking forward to future challenges.

Lajos Szegi,

IT Director / UNION Insurance

The experts of Mortoff group participated in several significant projects, proving their professional knowledge, competence, dedication and industry specific experiences.

The work they performed met our Customers’ and HP’s high quality standards in every case, along with their accommodation to the changing business requirements in a rapid and flexible manner.

I got to know a reliable partner in Mortoff, 
that I highly recommend for everyone to execute their IT projects.


Ferenc Mezei,

Service Director / Application Services Division, HP