Staff Told

I've came to work at Mortoff during the summer of 2013 after graduating from university from Systems Engineering in my hometown of Medellin, in Colombia. I currently work on an external project, in which I currently help in the development of automotive systems.  One of my successes so far has been taking part of the development process of the first electronic parking brake system for commercial vehicles. What I enjoy the most at Mortoff is the culture and togetherness within the teams and between all the colleagues. Knowledge sharing and learning is encouraged by events prepared by the teams themselves. This, in my opinion, is one of the characteristics I enjoy the most at Mortoff.

Simon Felipe Duque,

Developer / SD

My boss understands my goal and he gives me a path to achieve it with knowledge. Also I got a good mentor. He always understands and goes beyond my question, then give an explanation with wider view. I am grateful to have those instructions and opportunity to work here.

Usuda Minami,

Developer / SD