Business Process Management

Implementing process management systems
and providing IT management services

Quick review of our products and services

  • Implementing and consolidating WF, BPM and DMS systems
  • Lean, 6sigma, Process management
  • Paperless document management, E-signature solutions
  • IT roadmap, IT Effectiveness program
  • Architecture design
  • Business continuity – BCP, DRP
  • Project- and Project Portfolio Management
  • E-learning
  • Change Management


People, processes and the quality of the IT support are the three main pillars in improving the operation of a company.
Non-measurable, non-transparent, unnecessarily complicated processes result in a slow, inactive operation, elimination of which is a key factor in developing and sustaining quality.
Internal and external satisfaction grows with the improvement of the corporate processes, as the value creating actions get synchronized, and the activities that do not create value get minimized.

Go beyond

Due to our widespread experience we are able to implement solutions that reach over the original client requirements, thus provide a real competitive advantage in creating the business processes of the company.
Irrespective of talking about the implementation of workflow options, project portfolio management, paperless operation or business process management systems, the primary focus is reaching synchronicity and harmony among the factors of the people – process – IT triangle in order to achieve the company’s goals.


For us the main aspect is to create real value for our Customers via the products and solutions we deliver. According to international research, integrating the optimized processes into process management systems in average frees up 12-18% of capacity, 12% of workforce, and the amount of cost reduction goes up to 10-30%.

We believe that through the BPM Service Line our Customers receive real value in short and long terms as well. Built on our outstanding service they can provide an even higher quality service for their own customers.

Professional consulting

150+ years of professional experience

100+ successful projects

40+ satisfied clients

Our mission is to provide solution to problems arising from organizational and functional processes. Such issues can be caused by changing business goals, deficit in human resources or high operational costs, to mention a few. We establish optimized processes by the implementation of Workflow, BPM and document management systems. We recommend our Customers to attempt achieving paperless operation.


End-to-end solutions

from Mortoff

Our service portfolio, built on the cooperation of our service lines, is able to effectively cover even the most complex client requirements:

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

During the use of the business process management applications, a mass amounts of data (big data) is produced. The use and analysis of these data are essential to improve the quality of processes, optimizing costs, achieve and keep competitive advantage. The solutions of our Business Intelligence Service Line allow that this data become informative in practice too.

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Solution Development
Solution Development

During the introduction of process management solutions we use both off-the-shelf and custom developed products. In these implementations we are closely cooperate with our Application Development Service Line.

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Software Quality Management
Software Quality Management

Our Software Quality Management Service Line experts help customers verify the quality of the application to support process management, and the expected compliance with the requirements.

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