What is Testify?

What is Testify?
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What is Testify?


Testify is a tool that enables software test automation. Software testing is a diverse concept, there are many types, the software can be tested in many ways and thus form an image of its quality. However, testing is a time-consuming and resource-intensive task, often repetitive, and you have to run tests over and over again that were either unsuccessful due to an error or were already successful, but may have deteriorated due to software modification (regression). Testify can help.

But what type of test is Testify good for?

Testify can be used to automate the functional testing of web software and mobile applications. Automation can be useful and cost-effective because:

  • many times the same test cases have to be checked over and over again, which can be tedious, soul-destroying for a colleague;
  • faster than humans - running hundreds or thousands of test cases would take up to weeks, but automated to run them all in a matter of hours;
  • you just have to start it and - if all goes well - the tests run even at night, the result is already there by morning.

Why choose to Testify if you want to automatically test a web-based software or mobile application?

There are many devices suitable for test automation, at some level each suitable for performing some type of test. However, most of these tools are complex and require developer knowledge to use.

Working with Testify does not require developer knowledge, after some instruction anyone can learn to use it. As a result, there is no need to develop test automation competencies within the organization, but they can be easily used by, for example, business analysts, manual testers, or colleagues who do not understand IT.

To whom and how can Testify make your job easier?

  • Business analyst, business customer:

As an analyst, it is often necessary not only to plan the operation of an application but also to check it, in scrum teams it is often the task of the business analyst/business customer to take over the improvements. If the results of not only a short presentation, but also a complete series of tests support your decision during the takeover, you can make it much more well-founded.

  • Manual tester:

The life of a manual tester can be made much easier if he can focus on testing the new functionality because regression testing is done by Testify. At the same time, the quality assurance of the regression does not have to be let go, as he can also use Testify to create test sets and test cases to be run automatically, and then start running them at the touch of a button.

  • Decision-makers:

The more test cases a project or product decision maker sees, the more nuanced the image and the more confident they can make their decisions. A decision is a good one if it is well-founded and if it is made. Testify can report the results of running even a large number of test cases in a transparent manner, effectively supporting decision-making about the future of the product/software being tested.

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