RPA tools in the Low-code environment

RPA tools in the Low-code environment
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RPA tools in the Low-code environment

Many tasks within a human workflow can be automated. However, many other tasks or process steps require human interaction and judgment. Cases can deviate from set processes and human workflows take over to react to situations as they arise. Or simply, human interaction is needed when talking with customers or colleagues, and judgment is required. By first mapping your process, then digitalizing it, and applying Robotic Process Automation to the obvious process steps which would benefit, you can track performance, collect data and later optimize the process to increase efficiencies.

The value of low-code in dynamically changing enterprise environments is that the “time to value” and “the ability to change” on-demand are supported by the low-code approach. When a bundled solution, RPA, and a strong workflow orchestrator (such as Oriana Low-Code platform) is part of the package, complex human workflows can be easily put together to run end-to-end processes.

The addition of RPA into workflow steps which are fixed and static saves time and reduces human error.

The combined value of low-code, workflow, and RPA enables full end-to-end process management and optimization.



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